Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sneak Peek of Tribulation-Just For You!!

A brief excerpt from Daughters of Night: Tribulation. Just a teaser, and in very raw form, but it's a sneak peek into the world of DON!

December 28, 2012

            No more. Goddess, please, make the pain stop. I can’t take any more.
            I knew she couldn’t hear my pleas. Nobody could. So I suffered alone, constant pain ravaging my body and punishing my mind. In the moments such as these, I doubted my resolve, wondering why the Goddess Hecate would allow such a nightmare to continue. I nearly lost my faith in myself and in Her more times than I would ever care to admit.
            Words strong enough to describe the hell I was going through don’t exist.
            As the fire burned and the sharp blades pierced my skin, I heard the taunts through my hazy semi-conscious state.
            “Come on, half-breed! Beg for mercy!”
            “Your pathetic Goddess doesn’t love you! Someone who loves you would stop your pain!”
            “Nobody is coming for you, nobody cares enough to save you!”
            “Accept Lilith, and perhaps she will take pity on you!”
            The taunts were never-ending, testing my faith and my mortality. Not to mention my will and defiance.
            I bit back my screams, which still did little to deafen them as they escaped my clenched teeth.
            Suddenly, the pain evaporated, and I slumped forward as much as my chains would allow.
            Oh, Goddess, no. Not her. Not again.
            Wrong again.
            I listened as she approached. My arms were restrained with iron shackles to either side, exposing my chest for her torment. My legs were shackled to the floor, forcing me to remain in a kneeling position until they decided to throw me back into my prison. I was at her mercy.
            She stopped inches from me. I kept my head down, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of willingly looking her in the face.
            I watched through swollen eyes as she slowly lowered herself to a crouch in front of me. Cold fingers grasped my face hard, and she lifted my head to meet her gaze. Fear froze my soul as I saw the twinkle in her purple eyes.
            “Where is your mother, Damien?” she asked, her voice tinkling hideously.
            I gathered my wits, and braced myself for unnerving pain as I pursed my lips and spat in her face.
            She wiped it away, her smile growing.
            “I was hoping you’d say that.”

            I squeezed my eyes as I felt that familiar electricity start at where her fingers touched my skin, then explode through the rest of my body. All the while her eyes glowed with excitement and fury.

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