Saturday, April 20, 2013

P is for Possession... ***MAJOR SPOILER ALERT***

I know. I know. I'm late getting my posts up. Been a busy little bumblebee. However, I'm determined to get my posts up, so I present to you the P Day Post. Possession.

Daughters of Night: Possession is the second book in the Daughters of Night series. If you haven't read it yet, and plan to, let me stop you here before you read any further. MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS!!

So, in Possession, we find Carmen has become a mother to the reborn Damien. It picks up sixteen years after Sanctuary ended, which is a kind of surprise because the reader doesn't realize they are reading a story from the past in Sanctuary. Then Possession brings them up to present day (at the time of release, anyway) and now Damien is 16. And in love. And more powerful than his father or his mother could have ever imagined.

Teenage heartthrob with coveted powers, Damien is kidnapped by another coven. One led by Zariah and her brother Zachary, who are working to raise the demon Lilith from the underworld so she can enslave the vampires and humans alike, making Zariah and Zachary almost godlike. 

We are also introduced to Abby (known to Carmen and the rest of Sanctuary only as the mystery girl who could save her son), Jackson, and Connor, a teenage love triangle that goes sour when Connor is recruited by Zariah. The newly-changed vampire Connor then turns Abby, the girl he loves. The only problem, Abby loves Jackson. Connor takes care of that, though, and when she becomes a vampire she is completely loyal to Connor for saving her from death.

That leaves Jackson alone, confused, and in a drunken stupor when Carmen and her small army of witches and vampires stumble upon him and recruit him to find the girl and save Damien. 

The trick is getting it all accomplished before Lilith rises and consumes Carmen's soul while possessing her body. An epic, bloody battle ends in lives lost and a twist at the end that will make you craving the next book in the series. 

Look for Daughters of Night: Tribulation by the Summer Solstice, June 21st!

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