Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Carmen Hartford: Vampire or Witch?

I'm running behind getting my post up today!!! Oh NO!!! But it's okay, it's up now. 

Hello hello, my lovelies!! Today is Day C (yes, I know, that doesn't really roll off the tongue well, but just go with it) of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. In this case, C is for Carmen, the main character in the Daughters of Night series.

Carmen was a normal girl until the sexy vampire Gaviyn changed her life forever. Learning to be a vampire is hard enough, but she also learns that she comes from a long line of witches. Now a vampire-witch hybrid, she discovers the truth of who she is and what she is meant to be. She makes the transformation from shy and stumbling teenage girl to powerful badass who takes over as leader of Sanctuary. 

Little is known about the witchcraft lineage, however, and I want to take a moment to touch on that. 

Carmen Heathers (later known as Carmen Hartford) hails from the Hailey line of witches. Back in the 1300s, there existed a council of witches, comprised of the High Priestesses of the major covens, plus the one solitary High Priestess to represent the witches who chose not to join a coven. Among the council of High Priestesses is a Grand High Priestess, one who is in control of the council and hears the complaints and requests of the other High Priestesses. She is the strongest and most powerful witch, representing the strongest and most powerful family among the council. The Hailiey family had passed the title down within the family for several generations, and for several generations, there was peace among the witches.

Coraline Hailey, Carmen's distant grandmother, was the Grand High Priestess when the uprising occurred. A fight for power began when the High Priestess of another coven, Dahlia Imosara, led several families against the Haileys, and a battle began. Before all was over, all the High Priestesses and the Grand High Priestess were killed, as were 90% of all the families. The only survivor of the Hailey coven was Hanna Hailey, who quickly changed her name to Hanna Barnes in order to escape the possible persecution of witches that she suspected would follow. Hanna Barnes, however, unknowingly married into the Imosara coven, to the grandson of Dahlia Imosara, named Norman Heathers, who had taken on his estranged father's last name and was not associated with the practicing witches.

This union strengthened the bloodlines, but Hanna bound the powers of their family for all succeeding members for all of their natural lives. Which in turn explains why Carmen found her powers after becoming a vampire-she was the first in her family to live again after her natural life ended. 

So now you know a bit about the history of Carmen's magic. It's really going to come in handy when we get to the third (and potentially final) book in the Daughters of Night series, Tribulation

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what D-Day brings us!!


  1. I'm always amazed by writers who write paranormal/fantasy/etc. I write mainly contemporary, so it's fascinating to see how much goes into creating creatures who are non-human, like their histories and how they came into who they are currently. :)