Sunday, September 8, 2013

Interview With a Vampire...DON Style!

Sorry fans of Louis and Lestat, this is a different kind of vampire. (Although I'm a sucker for those guys too-especially watching them portrayed by Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise [before the psycho crazy came out] and drooling over them too!) But today...we're doing things Daughters of Night style!!

[You should still read to the bottom of this me!]

I decided to take another selfish day and do a character interview with one of the characters from the Daughters of Night series. It took some creative manipulation, but I managed to catch up with Gaviyn Hartford, Carmen's mate and husband, and co-leader of Sanctuary. I have to admit, it was hard to interview him without drool pooling up at his feet-this guy REALLY knows how to work his charm!

Even though I could go on and on about how undeniably yummy he is, let's move on to the interview.

DSP: Hi Gaviyn, thanks for, um...I mean, I just...whew, is it hot in here or is it just me?

Gaviyn: It's just you.

DSP: (GULP) Well, thanks for talking with me, I um...

Gaviyn: Yes?

DSP: Oh, um, so, you're a vampire, right?

Gaviyn: Yes, I haven't been human since the twelfth century.

DSP: Oh my, that's a long time! Er, not saying that you're old or anything, but, um, well, that's just impressive.

Gaviyn: It seems like a long time because it really is. Time has a way of passing quickly when you're the closest thing to immortal as a being can be.

DSP: I see. Well, so tell us how it all happened?

Gaviyn: You mean how I became a vampire?

DSP: (nods dumbly, trying not to be too obvious that I'm staring and constantly swallowing the buildup of saliva)

Gaviyn: Very well. The woman I loved had been taken from me-murdered while I stood helplessly watching. She was cursed for an eternity of lifetimes, and the pain was unbearable. I begged to any deity who would hear me to grant me the strength to avenge her. It was the Goddess Hecate who answered my call, and She made me what I am; a Son of Night created in Her image. 

DSP: Wow. This girl must have been really special.

Gaviyn: Indeed she is.

DSP: Wait...IS? I thought she was murdered?

Gaviyn: Correct. She was murdered. I sought out my revenge, and she was reborn. Over and over again, in more lifetimes than I care to recall, and in each lifetime, her time was cut short before we could be together. At first it appeared to be caused by some unseen force, but then after a...slight altercation with the incarnation of evil, her lives were stolen away even sooner by their hands. In fact, one could say the cause of the altercation was due to yet another untimely demise of my love.

DSP: (Staring in total idiotic silence)

Gaviyn: It was a very long, dark part of my life. But those days are over now. My Caroline was reborn as Carmen, and she is back at my side where she belongs.

DSP: That's got to be one of the most tragically romantic stories ever told.

Gaviyn: (laughing) Tragic at times, yes, though I'm not sure how romantic a story it is.

DSP: Oh, it's romantic, and I'm completely jealous right now!

Gaviyn: Ah, that's nonsense. A stunning woman like yourself is certain to have more suitors and romance than the world can handle.

DSP: (Giggling like a schoolgirl) You're a charmer, Mr. Hartford.

Gaviyn: (A hypnotic, lazy grin on his face) I speak only the truth.

DSP: Well...thank you. Um, so, what's new at Sanctuary?

Gaviyn: There's always something new at Sanctuary. Most recently it's been the hustle and bustle of the upcoming shift of power as a new High Priestess is named.

DSP: OH! What's going on with Carmen and you?

Gaviyn: (Smiling mischievously) Let's just say we have other obligations to tend to. 

DSP: Come on, not even a hint?

Gaviyn: Ah, well...Carmen has been...promoted.

DSP: How exactly does a vampire witch High Priestess get promoted?

Gaviyn: For that, you'll have to just wait and see in Tribulation.

DSP: Damn! Well, I really appreciate you stopping by for an interview today. This is really awesome.

Gaviyn: Anything for you, m'lady.

DSP: (Giggling and blushing several shades of red) You're too kind. Good luck with the upcoming power shift.

Gaviyn: Thank you. 

DSP: (whispering) I love you...

Gaviyn: I'm sorry, did you say something?

DSP: Oh, no, I was just reminding myself to pick up milk on my way home. Bye!! *runs away embarrassed*

Okay, so I wasn't exactly the smoothest when it came to hiding my infatuation, but give me credit, I at least had the guts to track him down and talk to him!

Hope you enjoyed this awesome interview with Gaviyn Hartford from the Daughters of Night series. If you have any questions for Gaviyn, post them in the comments and we'll ask him when we see him again!

**For those of you who were hoping to see something about Interview with THE Vampire, rest assured a pretty epic post is coming up in the next week about these sexy vamps!!**

Lestat: Did you hear that? She called us sexy.
Louis: Yes, she did. Should we be honored, or frightened?
Lestat: I'm leaning toward frightened...

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