Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Good God Was I Really That YOUNG?!

So, for today's Throwback Thursday, I decided to selfishly make the post about me, despite the Penguin's protests. Going back over pictures from HIGH SCHOOL (mind you, I have been out of school for over 12 years now), I found a couple that I simply had to share. One will be obvious why, the other I'll explain.

Here's to...

Now, for the throwback pics. Are you ready?

Okay, in this first one, it should be completely obvious why I had to post it. I is THAT?? I have no clue, and I was there! Hehe, oh, Chemistry class, how I do (not) miss you!!

Okay, same class, same day, but here's why I had to post this one. In high school, I was always made to believe (and I REALLY believed it) that I was enormously fat and worthless. I smiled a lot, but I had the lowest self-esteem and self-worth of anyone I know.

I'm posting this picture because I was NOT enormously fat. My real friends were right, I wasn't some hideous monstrosity too fat to be loved. Sure, I had extra weight and a little roll on my belly, but I wasn't as repulsive as I thought I was. Now...if only I could get back to that size, lol! Sadly, though, this is what high school does to young girls. If they're not a negative dress size, they're grossly fat and therefore are not real people. They spend their lives thinking they're gross and never really believing that they are, indeed, beautiful. I see now that I was beautiful, and still am, and I regret allowing myself to feel so poorly about my appearance. But I'm proud now to display pictures from when I was younger as well as current pictures, because ALL young girls, ALL teenagers, and ALL women are beautiful, and deserve to be respected and treated as valuable as they truly are.

Okay, that's enough of the lesson and preaching and whatnot! Happy Throwback Thursday!! :)

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