Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why I've Lost Any Shred of Faith in Humanity


This post is going to be filled with very strong language and questionable topics that may leave the reader thinking I'm a horrible person. Just know I'm ranting, and I'm upset, and if you don't want to read it, then please don't, but if you do and you don't like what I have to say, it's your own damn fault, don't come crying to me or whining to other people. This is NOT book or author related. This is me telling you about something that has me fired up, and seriously, you might not like it. But you've been warned...

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Everyone has lost someone - and sometimes multiple people - in their lives, and it never really gets any easier. But I know a family in mourning right now over a tragic incident that stole away the life of an innocent man, and the cause is something that up until now had never really touched my life. 

Murder. Cold-blooded and likely premeditated murder.

You hear about it on the news and you feel sorry for the victims and their families and friends, but I'd been lucky as hell to have gone just shy of 31 years without having to say I know someone who's been murdered. Unfortunately, that streak ended Saturday night when a random post about a murder in Oldham County (where I grew up and where much of my family still resides) on Facebook. Knowing that in a relatively small and closely knit community a murder was kind of a big deal and likely involved someone I knew, I quickly opened the link and my heart shattered. A guy I'd went to school with and who had become my regular Wednesday night ride home from work was a cab driver for the company he ran with his father, and he'd gone missing Thursday. Being a cab driver isn't exactly the safest job out there, in case you didn't know. 

My newfound friend's name was Adam Gregg, and he was found in Oldham County with his throat slit after a shady ride from downtown Louisville into OC. 

Now, I won't claim to be his best friend. Hell, I didn't even know him until the first day he picked me up back in February, when we realized we went to school together. But after the last 5 months or so, I'd gotten to know him and his lovely wife, and I actually looked forward to Wednesdays when I got to chat it up with them. This guy was such an amazing person that even in those 5 short months I got to know him, I feel horrified by this tragedy. Not just because of the way it happened, but as I sit here typing it, I keep thinking to myself this is some sort of mistake, nobody would ever want to hurt Adam. He was too kind, too generous, and too full of life.

His family is now crushed, torn apart, and grieving for the sudden, unexpected, untimely, and irreparable loss of their loved one. His parents are shattered. His wife - who is from Ukraine and may not have anyone else in the US to help her through this apart from his family - is undoubtedly inconsolable. 

**Now, I have to warn you, my language is going to get a bit rough, because I'm fucking pissed.**

The "suspect" was arrested after a routine traffic stop in upstate New York driving the stolen vehicle. His name is not important, because he doesn't fucking deserve the publicity. First off, clearly this moron is a complete fucking idiot to be driving a stolen vehicle with the plates still on it. Second, this guy wasn't from Louisville, or from Oldham County. No, this fucktard is from Corydon, IN, and a fucking redneck. Not to mention a pussy ass bitch for trying to run to Canada. Neither Adam nor his family deserved any of this. NOBODY deserves this. Who the fuck gave this douchebag the right to take away someone else's life? When the hell did he get delegated the task of controlling population by killing people for no god damned reason? Tell me. Who the fuck does that shit?? And what did he get out of it? A tank of gas, a car for 2 days, about $70 bucks, and a drive to New York before getting put away with no bail. 

Boy, I bet he's fucking proud of himself. 

I've never said this about any human before, but I hope they give him the chair with an expedited speedpass to the front of the line to be executed next. Even that is too good for him, to be honest. You can argue with me until your fucking ears bleed about how wrong capital punishment might be or murder doesn't justify murder, but I'm not changing my mind. Eye for an eye, he deserves to have his throat slit after an hour of fear and left to rot. It's how he treated Adam, it's only poetic justice. No, it won't bring Adam back, it won't make anything this fuckhead did okay, nor will it justify or even satisfy the wrongful and intentional death he caused, but he doesn't deserve to be a drain on society by wasting taxpayers' money to keep him alive. If it were me, I'd strap him to a rocket and shoot him off into space to die alone and pathetic. 

This fucker is why I've lost all faith in humanity. Adam did nothing wrong, he was only doing his job as a cab driver, and a monster took his life. NO reason. NO excuse. Just fucking MURDERED someone for the hell of it. MURDERED. Let that sink in. He MURDERED someone I'd consider a friend. For no reason AT ALL

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

So to you, Biggest Douchebag Fucktard Moron EVER, of Corydon, IN, you sir can go get fucked by a big ol' boy named Bubba, be his bitch, and service him daily until the time comes that you get what's coming to you. It won't be soon enough, it won't be punishment enough, and it won't heal the hurt, but you just don't fucking DESERVE three meals a day for the next however-many-years-till-you-fucking-die. Hope you're happy with the choices you've made, because you just fucked yourself buddy. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hell in a Handbasket


Suffice it to say I've got issues. Mostly the technology kind. My laptop went down for the count and I've been stuck using my cell phone for all my internet needs. Which was fine for, like, five minutes, but managing my blog(s) and marketing my books and checking my innumerable emails and managing social media and staying connected in a digital world using only a cell phone can be excruciating. In fact, it was damn near impossible. There were times I wanted to rip my hair out because there are just some things that are easier to do on a computer. Like...type. Do you have any idea how many autocorrect fails I've had? I should win a friggin trophy for most inappropriate autocorrect fails in history. Sure, they were often funny, but the sheer gibberish that my phone created at times had me at my wit's end.

Thankfully, we got a desktop. Only problem? No wireless network adapter. DAMN!! So as a temporary fix, my phone is tethered to my computer and I'm using my data from my phone to power my desktop until I can remember to go get a wireless USB adapter to make everything all better.

Yeah, I'm fairly certain technology runs away from me screaming...and when it doesn't, I wanna do this.  -->>

Anyway, I'm finally back, for good this time. (I hope!) And if you've contacted me through the contact form on this site, rest assured, I got your message and will be getting back to you shortly after the holiday weekend. I can't promise anything over a holiday weekend.

A personal update...I am working again full-time for a mail order pharmacy that helps people get their medicines free, like chemotherapy and other pretty important stuff. I'm really enjoying it, because I get to help people and it's a really rewarding job. I no longer feel like I should be ashamed of myself for not becoming a doctor or lawyer or something that would've made my parents super proud, because I really feel like I'm making a difference for people with little to no options who need their medicine to survive. Who wouldn't love their job when they actually get to make an impact on people's lives??

I haven't written much lately without a computer, but I'm hopping back on the bandwagon slowly but surely now that I have a functional computer. By the way, did anyone ever notice that as a writer, if you have a messy office that is cluttered, it blocks off your creativity, and you feel like a useless sack of potatoes? My dog decided to use my office as his hoarding space, and I had exactly zero desire to come in here. 

Okay, so that's enough about me. It seems this site is still getting pretty nice traffic, so stop in and say hi in the comments. C'mon, don't be shy!!!