Thursday, April 4, 2013

D Day (and a half) - Dog Gone PSYCHO

My secondary post for D Day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge is about a dear sweet dog that went freaking psychotic. My pup, Axel.

There is is! He looks so sweet and innocent but dangit this dog drives me batty! We got him at 7 weeks and 6 days old on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this year, which now puts him at 4 months and a few days old now. Yes, this ginormous beast is only 4 months old. 

And he's a hoarder. Like, seriously, I don't wanna take a pic of his "apartment" right now because it's SO bad, but he literally finds everything he can get his paws on and drags it into his apartment. (By the way, his apartment is his crate.) Most often it's trash, clothes, blankets, and every once in a while he'll drag one of his toys in there, but I suspect those times are mistakes. 

He loves to terrorize the cats, too. Especially Luna, whom you can see sitting on top of our island in the pic above, just to the left of the TV, watching him intently. And she knows she's not supposed to be up on the island or counters, so this pic goes to show that whatever the humans say...doesn't matter. The animals rule our house. But as I sit here typing this, Axel is chasing Luna around the laundry hamper and under the bed and back out again. So all I hear is...whine, bark, hiss, whine, feline growl, hiss, bark, hiss, whine, feline growl, bark...and this has been going on for about ten minutes now. Crazy freaking animals!

But anyway, we decided to name him Axel Loki Torbeck. Axel because it was cool sounding and I love names with the letter "X" in them. Loki because let's face it, the god of mischief is definitely inside this one. And duh, he's going to have our last name. Hehe! He's a full-blooded Siberian Husky with rare markings because his face mask is nonexistent and his front paws are kinda spotted and half white. He's really pretty, but in that awkward phase where he's starting to grow into a dog instead of a pup, so his fur at the sides of his face kind of look funny and his ears are too big! As a puppy, though, he was SOOOOOO cute!!

Hehe, see what I mean! 

But we love him, he's our baby boy. We have another cat, Blizzard, who even after a couple of months still won't come play with him, but at least he comes out of his room every so often! Oh, and FYI that mess in the bedroom...all him and Luna. I think they have a competition going to see who can make mommy work the hardest to clean up.

And now he's laying on the floor in the kitchen eating, because standing is WAAAYYY too much work.

Okay, that's it for D Day! Check back tomorrow to see what E has to tell us!! 


  1. What a little cutie but I don't envy you the work that you must need to put into him to minimise his mischievousness.

  2. Oh, yes. I'm often exhausted, we just recently got him housebroken. And let me tell you, his poops were kinda cute when he was a pup...not so much anymore since he's gotten bigger. Bigger dog, bigger mess. Thank GOODNESS for a fenced in backyard!

  3. adorable trouble!
    loki is perfect! puppies are the best! and sounds like axel has loads of personality!

    1. Personality and attitude, absolutely!! Haha, thank you, he is a handful but I love him to pieces!!

  4. He has such a sweet face for being such a rascal! Our dog brings her toys to bed with her, which is under our bed, so sometimes in the middle of the night we hear squeaking from them! You can't help but love them!

    1. Oh, I wish it were just toys he plays with...!! Hehe, you're right, though. You really can't help but love them.