Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kaiya, the Vamp Who Stole Damien's Heart!

Aaahhhhh, teenage romances. They never last. Unless, of course, the teenagers are vampires or the rare vampire witch hybrid. If you fall into one of those classifications, your chances of a long-lasting relationship at any age are much higher. Vampires are very devoted to their chosen mates, and it takes a lot to destroy their relationships. 

Damien met Kaiya when she escaped from her previous coven. They fell in love and have been together for over a year. Before coming to Sanctuary, however, Kaiya had a past. 

Kaiya had been spoiled as a human. Her family wasn't rich, but as the "miracle baby" of the family, she never wanted for anything. Her mother had been declared infertile, but Kaiya was born to Yuliya and Sergei Volkov in 1989. She lived a spoiled but average life until she was 15. That's when she went to the party that changed her life. Kaiya met Zachary, a charming young boy with hypnotic eyes. She fell hard, and she fell fast.

Zachary was the type of bad boy that couldn't be tamed, but he found the one person he wanted to spend eternity with. Kaiya couldn't say no to him, and agreed to join him as a vampire. However, once she was a vampire, she wanted Zachary to leave his sister and her cult-like coven to run away with her. Zachary was too loyal to his sister, and this drove a wedge between them. Kaiya was soon just a sheep in the coven as she watched Zachary rise to power. She still loved him, but he didn't love her enough to save her from his sister. Soon, she hatched a plan with some of the other girls in the coven, and escaped to find Sanctuary. Along the way, a group of witches attacked her, and though she won and damaged their numbers, she suffered great injuries, including a bump on the head that made her forget her sisters in the coven. She arrived at Sanctuary, but never sent help for her sisters. Eventually, she and Damien became friends, then more than friends. She found a soulmate in him. 

The journey is just beginning for Kaiya, and she will soon have to face her past to save her future.

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