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Book Review: Gothic, by Nicole D. Fergusson

It's time again for another book review! I'm excited to present this one to you, and I think you'll enjoy the review. I chose Gothic, by author Nicole D. Fergusson. Find out what I had to say and what rating I gave it!

Dahlia is starting a new life. New university, new home, new friends. This time, she is not going to be surrounded by werewolf packs and vampires. She has fought against a life filled with supernaturals since she was twelve years old. Does it matter that she’s more attracted to the vampire in her class than the normal university boyfriend she picks up? Of course not. This is what she wants. What she’s always wanted. A normal life. This is exactly what she’s been waiting for. 
Isn't it?

The prologue lays the foundation for the story, and though it seems a bit slower to get started and could have used a bit more intrigue, it was still the right way to start off the journey. Giving us a taste of Dahlia’s early years and the day her whole life changed as a child was an excellent introduction to the story.

We eventually follow Dahlia as she grows up in a home with a vampire for a godmother and werewolves for a foster dad and brother. This idea is brilliant, and a bit of a fresh take on the world of all that is paranormal. No sparkling vegan vampires, no school for vampires-it’s pleasing to read something that hasn’t been done to death. [Pun intended.]

The author describes the relationships between Dahlia and her new family fairly well, though the reader would be a bit misled by the way Dahlia interacts with her brother, Luca. His role seems to be more of the older guy who might turn into boyfriend sometime down the road, when age is less important.

Moving on, Dahlia finally finds herself as a young woman struggling to find her place with other humans-seeking a normal life, amidst the seemingly inescapable hoard of supernatural beings. We find that Dahlia has to find a balance between her werewolf brother and her vampire would-be love interest, Elliot. Her relationship with Elliot is hot and cold, and at times a little confusing, though it does give them a more tangled history and adds tension to an already dangerous companionship.

Dahlia’s life soon starts spinning out of control, hitting a climax when Luca is forced suddenly into the role as Alpha male. Before long, Dahlia feels she’s lost her brother. It’s a good thing her vampire friend is there to comfort her. Well, at least until he betrays her trust. Soon, though, with so many supernatural happenings, her human side is challenged.

The story is well written, and once you get past the introduction, it’s a very gripping read. I read it all in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. The ending leaves the reader not just wanting more, but slightly disappointed. It just seems to stop, with no graceful transition to the conclusion, and the very last chapter seems like an afterthought that’s a bit hard to follow. I’m really looking forward to the sequel to this book; I need more of this story! I simply must know what happens next.

Although the ending and beginning were a rough around the edges, the story and quality of writing was still good enough for me to give it 8/10 (or 4/5). All in all, it was an excellent read that I literally couldn’t put down, and I would definitely recommend it. In fact, I have already.

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