Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Am a Humbled Author, And it's All Your Fault... ;)

So, I simply have to share this.

I put my book, Daughters of Night: Possession on a free promo for a day, and with the help of a few websites letting folks know that it was free, I expected a couple hundred downloads. What I never anticipated was the unbelievable response my book received. As of the time I'm writing this (8:30pm EST) we're sitting at 604 downloads, and still climbing.

To say I'm amazed and excited would be two very large understatements. I never dreamed my book would reach 400 people in a single day, but to see it blast through 600 downloads with no sign of slowing is both exhilarating and incredibly humbling. This means that not only do I have a book worthy of people reading, but I have the most amazing friends and followers on the face of the planet.

And it's because of this radical turnout that I've decided to put together a prize pack that I'll be giving away via a rafflecopter giveaway. I don't yet know what's going to be in it, but I'm going to put something super awesome together as my way of saying thank you to everyone who downloaded the book, shared the links, tweeted and retweeted, told people about the promo, and helped out in every way.

For those who read the blog, here's your chance to have your voice heard! Feel free to comment below and tell me what you would like to see in the prize pack-within reason, of course. I'm not a magician! (Although that would be pretty cool!) So let me know your thoughts below and I'll do whatever I can do!

Oh, and for those who haven't downloaded it but want to, there's still a little time left, so get your free copy on Amazon before the night is over.

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