Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: Titanium by Alicia Michaels

Yay, I got to read another book!! I'm really liking having this time to actually sit down and READ for a change, despite the eternal chaos in my life.

This time around, I opted for the second book in The Bionics series by Alicia Michaels, Titanium. I want to preface my review by saying I had high expectations going into the second book, and the author did not let me down; she blew past the high bar she had already set for herself.  

Okay, now for a bit about the book:

"We stand on the brink of a double rescue mission, a plan so foolhardy that even our bravest men are quaking inside with fear. Storm the capitol, free the prisoners, don’t get killed. It seems like a suicide mission, but not a single one of us has anything to lose. 

In my past life, I was a scoundrel; a drug peddling street thug who cared nothing for anyone because I had no one to care for me. The nuclear blasts of 4006 reminded me of the value of life, and a girl with the saddest eyes I’ve ever gazed into gave me someone to care for. Now, as we embark on our most dangerous enterprise, I can only hope that we can make it out alive and that those we have lost can be recovered.

Foolishness … fear … hope … These are the elements that threw our revolution into motion. As the momentum of the Resistance continues to build, we can only pray that hope continues grow larger our fear."

And now for the review:

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

Book 2 in The Bionics series picks up where the first left off, as The Resistance is about to engage in a daring mission that could potentially cost them more lives than they could save. A couple of surprises and a scary revelation leaves two members of The Resistance behind to guard a group of Bionics, including a band of scary rebels that are ready to take the law into their own hands, endangering everything The Resistance stands for. But the two left behind to stand guard have their own battle to fight, and the love triangle that forms aligns two bionics fighting for the same prize on a mission to save the ones left behind. 

Oh, the good things I can say about this book! For starters, the quality of the author’s writing style continued in this book, if not improved. It was beautifully written, and easy to read, which is something that can be a huge distraction in books written without the talent this author exhibits.

The tension in this book is so thick it could be cut with a knife. There is a sense of humor, a very intense love triangle, sexual tension, and some really phenomenal action. The author did a fantastic job of bringing the reader into the story so you felt the emotional roller coaster as you read along. I’m not a fan of action by any stretch of the imagination, but this was very well choreographed and very well written. You can tell the author was thinking many steps ahead, planning everything out, and ensuring all the loose ends were tied up, making the story whole, complete, and very well rounded. 

What I really appreciated probably more than anything else was when we finally got to hear a little more about Dax and Blythe’s background, and the creation of the Resistance. Getting to hear what it was like and how they met not only gives you insight as to the tension between them, but also lets you get inside their heads and really get to know them. It was a very big addition to the story, and much needed.

I really don’t have any suggestions for the author to improve, other than please get that third book available soon, because I am simply dying to read it! This book has one heck of a cliffhanger that has me on edge and anxious to find out what happens next, especially with Gage and the teaser in the end. I give this book 5/5 stars-hands down a book that I’ll reread and recommend. 

Reviewed by Ashley T of Fae Books (www.faebooks.co.uk)

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