Friday, August 2, 2013

Cover Reveal - Vampiric Sex

Today is an exciting day!! We're taking part in the awesome cover reveal for author and dear friend of mine, Sarah Fae Graham. This is her first series, entitled The Soldier's Wife, and the first installment in the series, Vampiric Sex, is the subject of the big reveal. It's a pretty awesome one, too, if I may say so. Oh, and I should mention, I've read it, and it's steamy for sure!

Here's a bit about the book!


Recommended age 18+, adults only.

This series contains scenes of a very sexual and adult nature, including some bondage, slave and master role play, the use of adult toys and a number of orifices. If you are faint hearted, I might advise you to avoid this series. On the other hand, if you love kinky sex in a monogamous relationship, all bundled up with some awesome vampire fangs and a fetish for all things vampiric, then this series could be for you.

Vampiric Sex (The Soldier's Wife #1) by Sarah Fae Graham

Expected Release: Second half of 2013

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Design: Sarah Fae Graham

Tour Coordinator: Sarah Fae Graham - Fae Books Tours

Vampiric Sex is episode (book) number one in The Soldier's Wife series by Sarah Fae Graham. This series of shorts falls under the Erotica genre and is advised for adults only. 
Sonja and David are a young, married, human couple with a vampire fetish. David is a Soldier in the Army and works hard. Sonja is a housewife. The couple enjoy living an alternative lifestyle and often refer to their style as Gothic. They share a love of all things vampiric and of course, kinky sex. 
Follow the couple throughout the episodes to see what goes on in their lives. There may be an unexpected twist approaching, unbeknownst to them. 
In this episode, the Soldier's Wife, Sonja is punished for doing something without her husband's permission. The thing is, she loves how he chooses to punish her.

Sounds kinky right? You have no idea... ;)

So, without further ado, I bring to you....

Pretty badass, right? Yeah, I thought so too.  So how about meeting this author? Here's a bit about Sarah!!

Sarah Fae is 24 years old and lives with her husband, two dogs, and three cats in an Army Garrison in North Yorkshire, England, UK.

She spends the majority of her time working under her alias of Fae Books to help promote other writers, authors, bloggers and anyone else in the bookish world who approaches Fae Books for some help.

She writes mainly in the erotica genre and Vampiric Sex is her debut short story. Her writing does tend to come fourth place in her life as she puts helping others in the book world before her own writing.

She considers herself a complete geek, loves reading, writing, reprogramming and flashing phones & tablets, reading magazines like Fortean Times and occasionally chat magazines when she needs a little bit of time to switch off her concentration.

She relaxes by reading most of the time, she also likes to meditate and enjoys lying back with a fan on the go, imagining she's in a beautiful house in a rain forest surrounded by waterfalls and fabulous scenery.

Her dream in life is, to first of all, remember to put the lottery on, then once she wins, she wants to buy a detached house in the countryside with her husband so she can have complete peace from the world with space for her dogs and cats to play outdoors.

Sarah Fae suffers with ten illnesses/disabilities which do prevent her from having much of a "normal" life, so she loses herself in Fae Books and reading as her way of coping.

You can read a full About Me on her website here:

As someone who is not only a friend and fan, but someone who read the story and highly praises it, I recommend that if you enjoy a steamy, kinky, really fun ride of a story, get this bad boy as soon as becomes available. You can watch for more details on Sarah's website, and I'll be updating them here too!

Sarah, we wish you nothing but the best of luck and hope you'll come visit us with lots more good news very soon!!

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