Sunday, December 14, 2014

Top Ten List Part II

Did you miss me? Or my faves of the nineties? You're in luck! I'm back with Part Deux (that's French!) of my Top Ten Things I Miss About The 90's. Let's not waste time, here ya go!

Top 10 Things I Miss About the 90's Part II

6.     Grunge. All things grunge, but especially the music. Namely, Nirvana. I can't stress enough to you how much I deeply miss the grunge music and fashion and the "whatever, I don't give a f**k about anything" attitude...omigosh, it needs to come back. Especially Nirvana.

7.     Toys were simpler. Kids didn't demand the newest iPod or iPhone or iPad or big screen TV for their bedroom with internet connection so they can watch YouTube all day and night. Oh no. We had moon shoes, skip it, Simon Says, Barbie dolls, GI Joe figurines, Trollz dolls, slap bracelets, the original Furby, POGS, the Viewmaster, Sega Genesis (complete with Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter), Lite Brite, Tamagotchi/Digipets/Nanopets (whatever the hell they were called)...clearly, 90's kids were among the last to actually play with toys that weren't an i-anything.

8.     90's slang/terminology. Omg, wtf, gtfo, stfu...WhatEVER! Possibly made most popular by Cher in the movie Clueless (btw, if you've never seen the movie, GO WATCH IT. Immediately.), the slang we used in the 90s makes the crap used today sound lazy and lacking in enthusiasm and creativity. I mean, things like: "psyche," "all that and a bag of chips," "eat my shorts," "as if," "NOT," "da bomb," "don't go there," "talk to the hand," "gettin' jiggy," "dope," "no duh," "cut. it. out," "word," "going postal," "chill pill," "can of whoop-ass," "you go girl/boy." There are so many more, and forgive me if some of these cross decades (I'm getting old here, my memory is blurring a bit), but this is a good list to start with. We didn't abbreviate words out of sheer laziness, we invented words and new ways to use old ones.

9.     Teen idols. Now, to be fair, there ARE teen idols nowadays. But so help me if you think I'm going to sit here and accept that Miley Cyrus' vulgar, inappropriate, repulsive, depraved "performances" are acceptable or something that I would ever let any child in my care - be it my own child, a sibling, a niece/nephew, a friend's kid, or anyone - watch, you are demented! The same goes for the heartthrobs. I get that Justin Beiber (or however you spell his name) plays to his audience and gets the little girls all gaga, but that's still a terrible influence and/or role model. We had JTT, Devon Sawa, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears (pre-total meltdown), Mandy Moore, Gwen Stefani, Jonathan Brandis (RIP), Brad Renfro (RIP), Andrew Keegan, Nick Carter, BOTH Lawrence brothers (Joey and Matthew), Rider Strong, Mark Paul Gosselaar - and I should mention these are NOT in any particular order! Although I legit had this exact magazine pinup on my wall in high school. I might have to find the pics I took of my old room before I moved out just to show you how totally 90s I was.

10.     My youth. Lol, okay so this one is just for me, but any 90's kids might agree with me that time is just whizzing by! And with that brings the loss of our youth. I might not be ancient or anything, but I'm definitely no spring chicken anymore, and time is already beginning to take its toll on my body. Seriously, I stand up after sitting for a while, and things pop and I have no idea what body part it comes from...hehe.

I do miss many things from my younger days, though truth be told, I probably wouldn't relive high school again. Or middle school. Or grade school. I actually like who I am now and where I am in my life, even if it is passing me by at an alarming rate. And that's pretty awesome.

Did I leave anything off the list? If so, share below! I'm sure there are plenty!!

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  1. I miss dinosaurs. They were so cool. They were around in the 90s, right? Oh... wait. That was the Mesozoic Era. Sorry.