Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: Molly's Sexual Curse, by Sapphire Kande

Today, I wanted to share with you all my review of a very cool book, Entitled Molly's Sexual Curse, by the talented Sapphire Kande. It was a very fast read, from start to finish only a couple of hours, but it is well worth the read. Check out the blurb and sexy photo below:

A witch's curse placed on Molly, a beautiful and young thing, makes her unable to live if she does not orgasm at least once a day. Literally.

Molly was sold to her new master, Tristan, who evidently falls in love with her at first sight. He takes her away from the life of living as someone's plaything and teaches Molly how to experience love as his woman and as his submissive. Though Tristan may be kind, he has a dark side to him which he brings out occasionally.

This is an epic story of the true love between Master Tristan and submissive Molly. After being rescued from the life of a sex slave, she slowly allows herself to believe in love once more. However, has Molly truly escaped her past? or will it eventually catch up to her? 

Molly’s Curse is intended for readers over the age of eighteen as Molly and Tristan experiment sexually with bondage, blindfolds, and even a little fun in the outdoors.

And now, my review!!

This book was given to me for an honest review.

Molly has an unusual predicament. Cursed by a witch, she now has to have some form of sexual gratification every day to avoid a painful death. Being sold into the world of sex slaves, however, she hasn't exactly had the most glamorous life. Used and abused, she is finally purchased by Tristan, her new master, and her whole world gets flipped upside down.

The author grabs your attention from the beginning of the story and doesn't let it go. The story has a subtle hint of mystery surrounding Tristan, making the reader crave more. The scenes were light, not overpowering with XXX rated hardcore sex, which is great, because the erotica element is still there, but the reader can really enjoy the storyline as well. That's something that can be hard to come by in an erotica book.

I would like to have read a little more about the scene with Max. I felt it could have been expanded and given some more detail to clue the reader in on some other elements of the story. It does seem the book could be made longer, adding more details and background, however that could be coming in the next installment, so I'll be looking for it in the second book. There were also a few minor errors, however I don't really feel either concern really took away from the story. It was simple to read, the descriptions were great, and it was a light change from the typical BDSM books out there. I can honestly say I enjoyed this book.

I would give this book 4/5 stars. It was a very quick read, the scenes were detailed and intriguing, and all the elements of a good story are there. Sapphire has a great talent for writing and storytelling, and a kinky mind that I'd love to hear more from, so I'll definitely be picking up her next book.

Reviewed by Ashley T of Fae Books. (

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