Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday

It's Throwback Thursday!! Let's see what the Penguin dug up this week...

The hubby and I were cleaning out our office closet the other day, and we came upon a rare treasure-old photos! Mostly of me and my family, but cool nonetheless!

Okay, ready for this one?? Get ready to laugh...

Yep, I was a total weirdo nerd, and that's one of my little brothers. We were so cute, weren't we?? Hehe, yeah, we were awesome. And yes, that is my hand holding up the photo because I had to take a picture of a picture and no matter how hard I tried, every other angle made one or both of us look like we had alien heads. :)

Hope you enjoyed a good giggle at our cuteness, and we'll see you again soon!! :)

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