Sunday, December 1, 2013

Intro to the Week from HELL hubby hit a deer earlier this week, just a couple of days before Thanksgiving. And thus began the week from Hell.

Thankfully, the hubby wasn't hurt, although the deer didn't make it. Unfortunately, the car didn't make it either. We have (HAD) a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. This is not a giant car capable of taking on a big ol' deer. Our car just crumpled. If the car doesn't get declared totaled I'll be shocked.

So needless to say I'm a little bummed. With Thanksgiving in 2 days and Christmas in 24 days, and us suddenly completely without a vehicle, I was beginning to wonder why 2013 has a grudge against me. Seriously, this has just been a horrible year, and I swear it's as though Karma was paying me back for some horrible act I didn't remember committing. UGH! The car ended up getting impounded before we could get it towed - they did NOT waste any time! There are now extra fees and storage and a bunch of nonsense that we have to deal with. My emotions were on a very thin highwire and the littlest thing set me off. My husband forgot to pick up napkins and I had a total meltdown...yeah, it was that bad.

With all the bad, crappy, negative things that have happened this year, I've been blue and stressed. A dear friend of mine, Michala (from Bite My Book, you should go check out her website) gave me the soundest advice I've ever heard.

Make a list of all your blessings to get you through the darkest days and the storm.

It's worth a shot, and hey, if nothing else, it's keeping my mind off the negative. So now, here's my list of blessings:

  • I am married to a remarkable man
  • He hasn't divorced me yet
  • I have two cats and a dog who love me (even if I occasionally forget to put food in their bowl)
  • There is a roof over my head
  • There are clothes on my back (that's a blessing for everyone around me too)
  • There is food in my cupboard
  • I have a supportive mother who helped me get through hosting Thanksgiving
  • I have a brother and someone I already call a sister who helped me get the house in order despite my depression
  • My husband has a couple of friends who collect cars and they're letting him borrow one until we get out of this mess
  • We are now riding in style in an older model Caddy
  • Thanksgiving went smoothly and without a hitch (except when I tried to warm the pumpkin pie with the plastic lid still on it, melting the lid to the pie pan...)
  • My house is still clean, for the most part
  • We have hot water to take showers
  • We have electricity to charge my laptop (without which I would be lost)
  • We have a ton of leftovers and will eat well for at least a week between the four of us
  • My cat is starting to use the scratching post instead of my antique wicker heirloom chest
  • I have all my limbs
  • I don't have any life-threatening illnesses
  • My bed is soft
  • We have the ability to say we fought a flea infestation and won (once the neighbors finally addressed their issues)
  • I was blessed with a fully functioning brain and common sense
  • I've been invited to partake in an anthology, and the royalties will benefit a charity we decide upon
  • I can say I've been to two other countries other than the US
  • I have seen paradise, and its name is St. Kitts, West Indies
  • I have everything I need, and a lot that I want
  • My husband has a decent paying job that is helping us get by
  • I have a warm and lovely winter coat that I love
  • I got to see a buffalo walk right past my car and give us the stank eye
  • My phone is awesome, and I learn new things it can do every week it seems
  • I have the greatest friends ever, and I've been given the chance to learn who my real friends are
  • Hot showers. I can't stress that enough...

Okay, that's a little bit of the list, and enough to keep me going. I've looked at this list a few times (and needed to do so again just now, when the hubby called to tell me he locked himself out of the loaned car while its running...) and it's helping a little. Just gotta keep it up and keep adding to it. 

Does anyone else have a blessing list that helps them get through the dark days? If so, share some of your blessings in the comments below!

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