Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Penguin Wants YOU to Support an Awesome Author!

Argh! These confounded contraptions make me wanna slap the sh-oh, is this thing working? Ah, finally.

So, Ashley's been away celebrating the holidays and neglecting her duties as a blogger, but she left me a To-Do list for my vacation from space travel. But I'm not doing those things, so she can piss off.

I do, however, wanna share with you a free book alert - the rerelease of Wings of Vengeance, by Kylie Price. As a penguin, it's hard to read anything because I have the world's shortest attention span, but this one is interesting and the author is awesome, so I support her wholeheartedly. Go get your free copy, but hurry! It's only free till the 27th!! 

So there ya have it, straight from the penguin's beak. Go get this book and support a great author. And I'm off in search of more bourbon...


   The Penguin

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