Friday, October 26, 2012

A Gripping Read! Nightmares Will Ensue!

From the opening paragraph, Deadly Descent grabs your attention forces you to read on. We're introduced to Justin, desperately running for his life, and in doing so, possibly seals his own fate when he gets locked into what could become his tomb.

After reading the sample on the Amazon website, I'd have to say that unless the rest of the book were written by a brain-dead platypus, this book is not only well worth the $3.99 that it's selling for, it's going to keep you up at night. Not only is this a page-turner, but it's a helluva storyline that screams to be read. If you want to buy a copy of Deadly Descent, head on over to Amazon and download it today. If you're a smart one, though, you can comment on any post from this week and be entered into a drawing to win a FREE copy of Deadly Descent. Hurry, though, contest ends Sunday!!

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