Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Links to DIE for!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Mwahahahahaha! 

May all the things that go bump in the night come out and getcha with terror and fright!! 

This beautiful Halloween I'm pleased to link you up with the outstanding author, Matt Valenti, author of The Newts, the political satire arriving just in time for election season. Check out the cool links below, we have everything from buy links (to purchase a copy of The Newts), to other blog interviews. Lots of good stuff here, make sure you check it all out and then go buy your copy of his book today!

Amason Author Page:
Goodreads Page:
Amazon Book Page:
Follow on Twitter:
Kindleboards Page:
Interview: (Sidenote, Eddie McGarrity will be featured later!)

As you can see, there's a lot of great info here, so take your time and check it all out, but make sure you secure your copy of The Newts before the election is over!

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