Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spotlight on J. Paul Stephens

I got the opportunity to interview indie author J. Paul Stephens, author of the book Devil and the soon-to-be published Darling. Check out the phenomenal interview with an author who has a very unique style of writing. You can get your copy of Devil by clicking HERE.

Check out the synopsis of Devil:

Magdalene believes that she has found the love of her life in James; an enigmatic young man who becomes entranced with her. Soon though she finds herself trapped in torment and James her tormentor. Her life devolves into a constant assault where she is forced to endure relentless abuse and humiliation. To survive Magdalene must fight back, and be victorious, because for the loser there’s hell to pay.

Gripping concept for a story! Let's show some love to Mr. Stephens!!

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  1. Thanks Ashley for all you do to help the Indie Authors.

    I have a scheduled promotion for 10/12/2012. Please feel free to download a copy of 'Devil'. I also will gift a copy of "Darling" to the first 10 people to comment on this blog.

    Happy Reading,

    J. Paul