Friday, October 5, 2012

F*U*N Friday!

Fun Friday, Freebie Friday, whatever you want to call it, it means good news for you, the phenomenal readers.

This week's giveaway is super special. Roberta has graciously offered up a copy of All My Love, Detrick and a copy of The Heart of a Gypsy to be given away to two very special readers. Now, you may be wondering, 'What kind of crazy stunt do I have to do in order to get in on this action?' Even if that's not what you're thinking at all, I'm going to tell you anyway.

Comment on any post between Monday 10/1 and Sunday 10/7 with the words "I LOVE INDIE AUTHORS!" and your email address (so I can contact the winner). That's it! When you comment on any post this week with those words, you're automatically entered in the drawing to win one of Roberta Kagan's books. Simple, right? That's how I like things!

So, I said this was going to be super special, right? Well, it most definitely is. Roberta is also hosting a giveaway on her website,, running through the end of October. This giveaway is pretty hot, because it's not your typical book giveaway (although that's in there too!), but she's giving away a custom-made wish box and an authentic gypsy anklet. It's well worth the visit to her website, and the items are pretty sweet, so check it out!!

Oh, one last thing! All entries on this site MUST be posted before 11:59pm Sunday 10/7. Anything after that will not count. If you are the winner, I will contact you so we can get your book to you. I will also announce the winner on Monday, 10/8, here on the Drunken Space Penguin. Don't forget to enter, or you'll be missing the opportunity to read an incredible book by an incredible author!!

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