Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Politically Un-Correct? The Newts Delivers

Yesterday I had the privilege of posting an awesome interview with an even more awesome indie author, Matt Valenti. Matt's first voyage into the wonderful world of publishing is a delightful political satire called The Newts, and what better time to release it than with an impending election that will prove to be just as controversial as a political book dripping with sarcasm? You don't have to be voting, you don't have to be highly involved or knowledgeable of politics, heck, you don't even have to know the names of the folks running for president (although, if you don't, you obviously live under a rock), The Newts can reach everyone's funny bone while delivering a very important message. Here's what some reviewers are saying:

"Deftly blending mythology and satire the author pays homage to Dickens and Euripides alike, creating a reading experience that feels at once familiar and new."

"Fans of the Colbert Report and The Daily Show will love this book, as will anyone who'd rather laugh than cry at the state of American politics."

"... Valenti paints an absurd portrait of not just American politics, but of all politicians...past and present...If you don't like politics, you will love this story."

"Funny, current and full of jabs at both sides, The Newts is worth the read no matter which side of the aisle your favorite political animal sits on."

"Matt Valenti manages to hit every major hot button issue in the news today--gay marriage, abortion, contraception, gun control, taxes, capital punishment, birtherism, socialism, you name it."

"...my only hope is he reads it into audible.com so I can listen and weep tears of laughter as I work at my humdrum job!"

"Matt Valenti is a desperately needed fresh voice shining a bright light through the Swiss-cheese logic that keeps our country locked in its own Sisyphean struggle to set the world 'right.'"

While I haven't had any time lately to read anything (I can barely find the time to read my email), and though I'm not typically a fan of politics whatsoever (in my opinion they're all the same man in a different colored suit making false promises and once elected will do whatever will line his pocket the most), I feel this is one I simply MUST read. Dangit! Why do all these awesome authors keep putting out stuff that I want to read?! When the Reaper comes to visit, I have no doubt he'll be sitting in an armchair tapping his bony fingers as he waits for me to finish all the books on my ever-growing reading list. 

Still, The Newts is on my Kindle for Android app to read, and read I shall! I suggest everyone else in America (heck, why stop there, everyone in the WORLD!) read this book. I think we'll all see how it relates to the upcoming election.

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