Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Obligatory New Years Resolution List

It's no different than any other year, or any other adult in the free world. I'm making New Years' Resolutions. Ones that I will probably never keep. But then again, I rarely try to keep em for more than a day. So here's my super short list that I decided on. Feel free to comment below with your own resolutions!!

Resolutions 2013

  1. Keep at least 1 resolution for longer than a week.
  2. Craft 1 new item per week on average.
  3. Open my Etsy store before June 1st 2013.
  4. Publish a minimum of 6 books in some format.
  5. Lose 10 lbs
  6. Lose 30 lbs
  7. Lose 50 lbs
  8. Do at least 6 random acts of kindness
  9. Donate a minimum of $100 to charity
  10. Volunteer somewhere
  11. Have more than 1 working vehicle
  12. Cut soda intake by half
  13. Drink at least 20 oz of water every day
  14. Complete 3 items on my Bucket List
  15. Take down the Christmas Decorations before next Christmas
  16. Take down Christmas decorations before January 2nd
  17. Get my cat Luna spayed (dear lord, let me complete this one!!!)
  18. Sell enough books to pay my monthly mortgage
  19. Eat fruit twice a week
  20. Try a new restaurant
  21. Pick up a new crafting hobby
  22. Keep my house clean enough to not have to clean super fast if I have company
  23. Learn and understand basic German
  24. Learn to shoot a .38 pistol and a rifle
  25. Read 12 books

There they are, in no particular order. Please feel free to share your own resolutions below, and Happy New Year!

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