Thursday, July 4, 2013

30/30/30 Challenge Update & HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!

Okay, so as you may or may not know, I decided to dedicate the 30 days before I turn 30 to doing 30 acts of kindness. 

Yesterday was day 2, and I signed up to make blankets for the wounded soldiers and vets, signed up to send extra cards and letters and stuff to soldiers having a tough time, and signed up to give extra support to the women of the military, either with care packages or with words of encouragement. I also made an encouragement card and wrote my first letter to my adopted soldier. Whew!!! All that, and only 2 days into the challenge. 

Crap, dude, I'm gonna be too busy to finish!! Hehe. 

So, today I'm stuck in the house on a rainy ass day with no car. If it weren't rainy, I'd walk my butt up to Starbucks and start holding the door for people, but I dunno if I can brave the rain and chance the sickness that's sure to follow. Hmmm. Will update later with what I end up doing today. :)

By the way...


To all my American friends, enjoy the festivities of this great day! And drink one for me! Make the most of this rainy day and be careful with the fireworks tonight.

Today is the day we celebrate our freedom. So if I may ask my friends to take a moment during today's festivities, picnics, parties, concerts, festivals, and other plans to reflect upon what today really means. We celebrate because of the men and women who defended us in 1776 as we fought to earn our freedom, and we celebrate because of the men and women who have defended those freedoms every single day since. 

To our soldiers, past present and future... 


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