Tuesday, July 2, 2013

30/30/30 - Thirty Acts of Kindness/Thirty Days/Before I Hit Thirty

Okay, so as much as I'd like to pretend I'm still 21 and when my birthday comes this year, I'll be turning 21, and in ten years, I'll still be 21...I'm not 21.

No, this year is yet another milestone year that I wish would take longer to arrive. In just over a month, I'll be hitting that crucial turning point of 30. Because we all know life is over at 30, right?

Psh, hell no! Are you kidding me? I'm one of the coolest damn 30-year-old chicks I know!! You're only as old as you feel, so physically I'm 110, but mentally, I'm still 21. Ah, hell, I'll give it 26. I'll never age past 26. Because you can't age insanity, and I got married at 26, so therefore I became insane.

Not buying it? Oh well, worth a shot.

I was planning on having this big ol' shindig party for when I hit 30. Rock star style. Reserve the bar, everybody must dress like a rock star, blah blah blah, really go all out. That was the plan. The plan has changed, however. The closer I get to that big three-oh, the more I realize that I'm NOT 21 anymore. I can't drink like a fish-hell, I could never do that in my prime drinking days. As a matter of fact, I have a bottle of vodka that's been in my freezer since May 2012, two bottles of Smirnoff Ice that's been in my fridge for about a year and a half, and a bottle of Jack that's been on top of the fridge since we moved in here in 09, but I had it about a year before we moved. Suffice it to say, I am not a party girl anymore.

So now, I'm thinking I'll keep the hotel room, invite 3 or 4 of my closest friends, and we'll have a wine-sipping pajama party while we play board games and watch movies and dance stupidly to music from when we were in middle/high school. We'll eat way too much chocolate and junk food, maybe do some makeovers, and just reminisce about days gone by. Then, me and the hubby can go out to a romantic dinner ON my birthday, and maybe he'll take me to see a movie he doesn't want to see but knows I'm dying to watch. (Doubtful on that last bit, but who knows, maybe the stars will align and I'll get lucky.)

Call me old, but that just sounds SO much better than having the rocker party. I even considered having some friends over for finger foods and doing something sophisticated. Then I remembered two very important things. 1.) I don't have enough friends for that; and 2.) My friends are NOT sophisticated. Hehe.

Okay, so the fun stuff is planned, but I feel like at this age, I need to do something. Here goes nothin'!

Thirty Days of Random Acts of Kindness

I know it's not really random acts of kindness if you plan it, but hear me out. I plan to do one act of kindness every day for the thirty days before I turn thirty. I am still working out the kinks in this plan, but I have a couple of ideas ready to go already. But starting today, July 2nd, and running through July 31st, I'm going to do one simple act each and every day. Small or large, every random act counts. Here's a glimpse of some of the things I have planned:

*Write a letter to a soldier
*Give my mail carrier a thank you gift
*Buy roses and hand them out randomly on a street corner (could get me arrested, but we'll see if anyone misinterprets my act of kindness
*Volunteer at a local homeless/needy shelter/organization
*Go to the post office, buy stamps, give them to the next person that walks in
*Pay for the car behind me in the drive through (we're talking McDonald's and Taco Bell kind of stuff here)
*Take my sister/brothers to a hospital and give handmade cards to people who need cheering up
*Volunteer at the local Children's Hospital
*Take baked goodies to the fire department/police department
*Find homeless folks and give them care packages
*Stand outside of a business (without a revolving or automatic sliding door) and open the door for people entering/exiting
*Donate gently loved clothing to charity
*Donate blood (yikes...needles)

Just some ideas. Not written in stone, and definitely not all the things I'm gonna do! But I'm not gonna lie, it's going to be tough, cause we're still down to one car, so my fat butt has to walk everywhere or take the bus. (SADFACE!) Oh well, guess I'll put my big girl panties on and suck it up, cause I sure ain't getting any younger... 

Wish me luck!!

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