Saturday, July 6, 2013

July Blog Challenge Day 6: 3 Wishes

I'm jingling severely as I write this, so pardon me if I get distracted!! I just returned from the Renaissance Faire, and while I shucked the skirt before I even got in the car, I'm still wearing a coin wrap, a jingly headpiece, and a jingly bracelet. And they are mighty distracting...I keep shaking my arm furiously to make it jingle. You should see me trying to make the headpiece jingle...

But see, I'm already off topic!! Today's blog challenge is to answer the age old question: If you had 3 wishes, what would they be (and no wishing for more wishes). Okay. I'm up for that challenge! And even though this is similar to the things I wish were true, I'm going to come up with 3 more wishes. Ready? Kay, here goes!!

My 3 Wishes

1. Infinite genies each granting 3 wishes a piece. What? It said no wishing for more wishes, not no wishing for more genies!! FINE, I'll play by your rules.

My (Real) 3 Wishes

1. Clothing is optional. Laugh all you wanna, but if I didn't have to worry with clothes and shame and junk like that, I would be butt naked all day every day, and so would you!!

2. Goodbye fat! Lol, seriously, do you have any idea how much my life would improve without lugging around ten thousand pounds of fat? Me neither, but I'd love to find out!

3. Stable home and finances. I don't need a crap ton of money, just enough to make our lives comfortable and stable, so we can begin the fostering process. And the stable home thing is a permanent forever home that we're all happy with-rather than having a house we've outgrown and not happy with anymore.

I know, not very profound, nothing really exciting, but hey, not everyone wants the world. I just want my part of the world to be happy.

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