Thursday, July 4, 2013

July Blog Challenge Day 4: Ten Things You Wish Were True (But Aren't)

Everybody has something they'd like to change. Some people might wish for unicorns that poop glitter. Actually, that would be kinda cool...but anyway, here's ten things I wish were true!

Ten Things You Wish Were True (But Aren't)

10. Everything in the nature is edible. Seriously, just like in Willy Wonka. Trees, grass, more hunger, and everything is just absolutely yummy!! Hell yeah!

 9. Real life do-overs. Every time you realize you make a mistake, you get the opportunity to do it over again, and do it right this time. Granted, I think there should be a limit on how many you get per year or some other limit, because dear god, we'd never progress at all otherwise! But how great would it be to get the chance to make good on your worst mistakes.

 8. Paranormal and fantasy creatures really exist. Faeries, goblins, elves, pixies, vampires, werewolves, all the fantasy creatures. To get the chance to exist alongside these awesome things...the fear of the vampires and werewolves, dancing with the faeries and pixies...the magic of it all is just awesome.

 7. The end of diseases. Hokey? Maybe. But how great would it be to live in a world where you never get sick? No more cancer, no more common cold, no more AIDS, not even other STDs. No more sickness, period. FABULOUS.

6. Aging happens in reverse. Don't you know we all age the wrong way anyway? We should be born old and get that crappy part out of the way. That way youth is no longer wasted on the young, we'll have time to enjoy it after we've learned all our life's lessons. Then end up life as an orgasm. HA!

 5. Vacations are taken to alternate universes. You know, I'd love to see an alternate reality. I mean, think of it. This can't be all there really is to life, there has to be another reality in another dimension, and I gotta go. Who's going with me?? :)

 4. Medieval Ages lifestyles were still practiced. Not, like, the hygiene standards or the gross living conditions, but the honor and certain ways of life. Like, castles, pretty princesses, knights in shining armor, the honor code, a hard day's work meant something, the clothing...actually, just give me the damn Renaissance Faire year-round and let me run wild.

 3. Politicians take a pay cut in order to benefit the national deficit. Like it would ever happen, but I'd poop sparkles and glitter and butterflies and rainbows for this one. Could you even imagine such a radical thought? I might get sent to Guantanamo Bay just for thinking it! Hehe, but no seriously, it makes me sick thinking about how much these corrupt politicians rake in while there are more people homeless and below the poverty line than ever before. I don't do politics, like at ALL, but even I know that the shady politicians are the downfall of our economy. And just think of how much money we'd all have once they stopped stealing it all from us!

Speaking of money...

 2. Infinite supply of money. Oh, the things I could do with an infinite supply of, fix up my house, pay off my bills, take my family on a vacation to an alternate universe, cure all diseases, fund my addiction for Renaissance Faire stuff....hehe. 

 1. Equality. Peace, love, understanding, respect, and acceptance of all. Be it gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality...all of it. Equal. No more friggin nonsense. Period.

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  1. Oh Geez are do damn creative I can't even decide on where to begin with my comments/remarks. Oh let me count thy ways...
    1. Edible nature. Shit girl...sign me up.
    2. I need a real life do-over! That is definitely a plus.
    3. Number 8 stinks. No way do I want all that. Life on earth is hell enough with all the weird stuff we got already!
    4. No diseases...then there would be like a stupid one child per family rule or something...but still, yeah that would be nice.
    5. I hated that movie.
    6. Who gets to pick the alternate universes? That idea scares me a little too much.
    7. I could say a lot more about the money one..and the cracks we have ruling our government but my momma taught me to keep my mouth shut if I was gonna say something not so nice.
    8. Money money money money money. LOL
    9. There will never be equality because there are rules, standards, expectations, cultures, belief systems, religions, ect. Sorry honey.

    Loved Loved Loved this list girlie!