Friday, July 5, 2013

July Blog Post Day 5: Create a Superhero

Today's challenge is to create a superhero and describe them in 500 words or less. And away we go!!

Meet Infinitum

Infinitum has always been here. Since before the beginning of time, and he will be here long after time ceases to exist, he will be here. He was not born, or created; he is neither alien nor monster. He simply is.

Standing at an impressive 6’10” with well-defined muscles, he is a lean powerhouse of strength, though not inhuman. He has dark brown eyes and smooth tanned skin, flawlessly perfect complexion complimenting the shoulder length shaggy white hair. Dressed in a black leather coat over a dark blue fitted shirt with sleeves halfway down his forearms and sides cut out to reveal black lacing, he gives the edgy look a new, sexy, ethereal face. Loose fitting black pants and black combat boots round out his ensemble. Equipped with a single 7” bone handled knife, the blade jagged on one side while smooth but sharp on the other, curved dangerously and made of the same metal as his unusual handcuffs-described only as diamond steel, and stronger than both components of its name while remaining lighter than lithium or tin-he relies heavily on his other abilities to subdue his enemies.

Infinitum is a precog and a telepath-he sees crimes from the inside of a killer’s mind, then prevents the crimes from happening. Remember that time you were mugged on your way home from the movie theater late at night? No? You’re welcome.

Sometimes, however, things happen to prevent Infinitum from stopping crimes, making his healing ability very convenient when a victim does become injured-even to the point of near death. His telepathy and precog abilities are never wrong, although they don’t always give the name and address of the criminal, or what exactly their intentions are. That’s where his partner becomes very helpful.

Infinitum has a partner-Elemental Spark-a petite, radiant woman born with the ability to manipulate the five elements and control lightning. This has proven to be a major benefit in capturing criminals where Infinitum’s abilities are fuzzy. Using Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, she can often locate criminals and find details about them to help prevent crimes. Spark protects them both with a force field impenetrable except by the lightning she controls, which is the only thing protecting Infinitum and Spark from the mental abilities of their enemies, as well as physical dangers they face in battle. Though Infinitum is immortal and shares this benefit with Spark for the time being, they can still be injured, and it’s possible Infinitum’s immortality may one day fail Spark.

Their nemesis, Nocturne, is a deranged psychopath with the ability to enter dreams and manipulate or kill. This poses a problem for Infinitum; his precog and telepath abilities don’t reach into dreams, and thus hides Nocturne from being captured. He also possesses mind control, frequently manipulating innocent minds to kill. They’re then captured by Infinitum. Infinitum and Spark are susceptible to the mind control, and have to be cautious, relying on Spark’s shield.

Despite their shortcomings, this duo out to save the world. 

Word count-500 exactly. I'm the bomb diggity!! Lol, I won't lie, there are so many more details that I wanna share, but it just wouldn't all fit unless I started writing everything in shorthand and abbreviations, but then I actually WANT people to read this,!! Happy reading everyone!! :)

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