Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pre-Order Your Copy of Possession Today!!

Have you read Daughters of Night: Sanctuary? No? Well, you're in luck, you can order it from Amazon or from The Ashley Torbeck Official Site. Pretty sweet, right?? Well, let me sweeten that deal a little more for you. As of now, you can go to the website and pre-order a copy of Daughters of Night: Possession! Need a little more convincing? All orders placed before December 15th, 2012, have the option of including a personalized autograph by the author, yours truly. [insert cheesy grin] No extra charge for autographs, I'm not a total lunatic! Well, okay, I am, but I'm not mean. :)

Still want more? Okay, now for the icing on the cake: to celebrate the debut of Possession, on December 15th and December 16th, I'm having a Debut Double Feature Weekend, and the Kindle version of BOTH books will be free!! Since I don't have a way to pre-order for Kindle owners yet, I want to give you something a little extra special so you're not left out of the party. Plus, I participate in Authorgraph, so if you go to their site by clicking HERE, you can request an autograph for your Kindle. 

One more thing, I'll be doing cover reveals of my ridiculously awesome cover, illustrated just for this book by my longtime friend and artist, StepherBell, on a couple of blogs leading up to the debut, and starting today! Look for it on Bite My Book and on Eddie McGarrity blogs, with more to be added. Of course, you know it will be on the Drunken Space Penguin, and also on the Ashley Torbeck Official Site,!!

Wow, so much going on!! It's been hectic but exciting around here, that's for sure. There's a lot to look forward to, so make sure you stay up-to-date with me on the Drunken Space Penguin, on Facebook, and on Twitter too! Of course, you definitely want to pay a visit to The Ashley Torbeck Official Site to snag a copy of both books right away!

Oh, and not to be forgotten is my dear friend Michala, for giving me some amazing ideas and being a very useful asset, not to mention sounding board. She, with a couple other great folks, run the Bite My Book blog, which I have a special fondness for, since that was the site to host my first interview. I blame her for launching me on society. 

Well, I have so much to do, as you can clearly see! Hope to start getting autographed copy pre-orders as well as authorgraph requests soon!! Thanks to everyone for the support, and as always, happy reading!!

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