Sunday, December 30, 2012

Why Do I Do This??

I've been thinking. (That alone should strike fear into your heart.) My book sales need a kick in the rear, and all this time I've been wondering how to do it. 

Well, last night, I finally sat down and tried to organize my thoughts and ideas. I came up with a working draft for a marketing plan. Now, granted, it doesn't yet have a timeline or exact figures or any of that fancy crap. What it does have, however, is a goal, my mission statement, ideas that I want to use, and why each of those ideas would be beneficial to me. I still have to come up with reasons why each idea is beneficial to others, a timeline, and a budget for all this, but that's the harder part. I did the easy part last night. :)

Aside from the marketing plan, I got to really thinking about my goals and my mission as a writer. Part of me says I write for the fun of it and to entertain people. Another part of me says I write as a job, for the income, so I can help provide for our meager family (especially since the holidays drained us completely). A third part of me selfishly says I crave the attention-the fame that comes from having several best-selling books. But then, which part is the true reason why I write? After much deliberation, I decided that I write because I love it, and because I love it, I have chosen to let it become my full-time job, and if I'm going to do a job, I'm going to be damn good at it, so one day I will rank up there with the best writers of all time. So I write for all the reasons that each part of me says, but the root reason I write is because I love it. 

I love entertaining people with my words, I love the art form of the written word, and I believe strongly in the power of words. 

So there's your bit of inspiration for the day. Stay tuned for more insanity from my brain. :)

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