Sunday, December 2, 2012

That's What They Said...

Before we say our farewell to our special guest this week, indie author John Peters, I want to take a moment to post some things people are saying about his books. Below are snippets from some of the awesome reviews of John's novels; real statements and opinions made by real people. Check it out:

"This book is well written and fun. I giggled more times than I can remember!" - CLAIMING MOON 
"The book is well written and keep you interested till last page."
"I liked the unique antagonists, it was nice to have a different type of bad guy." - The Dark Secret of Warren House 
"The horrors keep piling up in this story, but revenge is looming...It pulled me in and didn't let go." - Patron Saint 
"The descriptions of terror are sadistic enough to honor their Halloween homage." - The Journal

To read the rest of what people are saying, check him out on Amazon HERE. While there, make sure you purchase your own copy of any of his well-written and highly-praised works.

John, thank you SO much for joining us this week!! It's been a real pleasure, and you are definitely an author to watch out for. The Drunken Penguin wishes you much success in all your endeavors!!

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