Monday, July 1, 2013

July Blog Challenge: Day 1-Write Your Own Obituary

Day 1 of the July Blog Challenge, and I barely made it under the wire! Whew! Enjoy my obit!!!

Torbeck, Ashley Ann, age 82 of Louisville, Kentucky, died on Wednesday, February 29th, 2064. Cause of death was a deadly fall from a staggering height of 4 feet, breaking numerous bones and causing severe internal bleeding. Ashley was a well-known author, with twenty-two books making it onto the all-time Bestseller list. Better known for her later works, including Don't Fear the Rapper, Mommy Why are you Making those Sounds?, and the ever-popular What the Hell is that Smell?, Ashley was devoted to her family and close friends, and a friend to all she came in contact with. After gaining notoriety as an accomplished writer and published author, Ashley created Midnight Moon Publishing, a small publishing platform offering a new form of publishing to train the author to become their own publisher. This led to the creation of a major traditional publishing house, offering traditional publishing to authors, all of which was formed, created, managed, and led by Ashley, and her immediate staff of close family and friends. Midnight Moon Publishing became the world leader in publishing houses, and spawned several workshops and seminars of the same name, empowering authors with resources to better themselves. After a successful career in writing and publishing-of which she continued to do even until her untimely demise, Ashley also became a well-respected and active member of her community and municipality.

Survived by husband, Andy (89), sons Alexander (Charlotte) and Aidan (Tiffany), and daughters Abigail (Rogan), Aliyah (Jordan), and Adahlia, 9 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

Memorial services will be held at Ratterman Funeral Home from 1pm-6pm EST, with the celebration Luau beginning at sundown at Torbeck Mansion.


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    1. Why thank ya! And I really am gonna have a luau in lieu of a funeral or anything. Come pay your respects, then go eat a suckling pig in my honor. :P

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    1. I'm totally hopping on board with your challenges! And I may have embellished a bit on my future accomplishments a bit...hehe!! But I love what you're doing, and I'm on it. Was working so hard to get mine in before midnight, I didn't have time to stop by and show love to yours, but I'll be there in a bit! :)