Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Author Spotlight-Lovely Whitmore

Yesterday I posted a very cool interview with Lovely Whitmore, author of the It's All Coming Back To Me Now series, not to mention several other books. Her most recent book It's All Coming Back To Me Now: The Secret, now available from createspace.com and amazon.com, is the much anticipated second installment in the series. Here's the blurb from createspace.com:

"Some secrets are better left unrevealed...

THE SECRET, picks up right where volume one left off. Well not exactly, it's the six weeks between: "I never want to see you again, you liar," and, "I do". If you read, IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW, you are definitely going to enjoy the sequel.

Latrease and Randy's love is put to the test. It doesn't help that there's a third party in the mix deliberately trying to sabotage everything they have built up.

THE SECRET, is a twisted delight that delas with love, honesty, trust, and forgiveness. It will have you up all night, longing to see what happens next."

This is definitely a very exciting time in Lovely's life, and I'm willing to bet she's still on cloud nine! Congratulations to you, Lovely!

Don't forget to check out the full interview with Lovely Whitmore on the Drunken Space Penguin!


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