Friday, September 28, 2012

F*U*N Time Giveaway!!

Time for a freebie! 

This week we've been interviewing and talking about Lovely Whitmore, a remarkable author and a pretty special person. If you want a copy of her highly requested It's All Coming Back To Me Now series, you can join Amazon Prime, sign up free for a month (a whole month with lots of perks!) and get a copy of Lovely's series FREE. That's it, sign up for something awesome and get her books free. In fact, you can get many of her books for free, including 1378 Oak Street, and the Journals of a Wannabe Basketball Player series. All free. Pretty sweet deal, right?

Let's sweeten the pot a little bit.

Starting now, through 11:59pm on Sunday the 30th, comment on any post this week and get an eBook copy of my own book, Daughters of Night: Sanctuary, free. One winner will be chosen for this free eBook, so comment on any post from 9/24-9/30, and get entered in the drawing for a free book. 

With so much free stuff, why would you NOT jump on board? Start commenting now!

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