Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome to My World

I felt the need to give everyone a peek inside my demented mind. This is a dream that I had one night that I felt compelled to write upon waking. It scared the bejeebers out of me, because I really truly hate clowns, so I was sleep-deprived and exhausted at the time, and bear in mind this is unedited, so please forgive the poor grammar and spelling errors. Happy reading!!

We weren’t supposed to be together. Hundreds of years had taught us that. We made the best team when it came to defending the humans, but when we let ourselves get emotionally involved with each other, we were a loaded cannon. So we decided to try and blend more with the humans. We decided to date other people in our new school.

He was the first one to hook up. And to my dismay, it was with a perky blonde cheerleader with a fake tan. How original. I made it through most days without even noticing, but sometimes it seemed he tried to flaunt her in front of me. I hated her. I hated her for having what was rightfully mine, and I hated her for not even realizing what precious gifts had been laid out before her. Not only did she have her life as a human, which, although short, is filled with experiences and feelings that make every second worth any hardship or pain. She also had the affection of the hottest guy in school, who just so happened to be the most intelligent and the most athletic guy in school. How badly I wanted to teach her a lesson.

Today was the day of the school fair. It was ridiculous, but you were shunned if you didn’t attend. I decided to show up stag. No need for me to waste anyone else’s time or toy with emotions, I knew I would never date a human again. The school had set up a huge twisting tube-like thing for slides, kind of like the ones found in cheesy commercial restaurants geared for children. The main difference here was the giant spinning mechanism at the top which was a ride designed to make people sick and dizzy. How the school was able to get all this set up inside the gymnasium I am not sure.  There was an indoor fogger, dozens of booths for food and games, and, to my utter horror, there would be a clown show later in the evening.

I hate clowns. No, scratch that, I despise clowns. Not many people, including him, know this.

I wander around in my floor length skirt and long-sleeved button up blouse, looking like an angel in white. I take in the smells, the sights, and keep an eye out for trouble. Normally, I have a very good sense for trouble, since I have amazingly clear and accurate visions. I hadn’t had one in a couple of days, which one would think is a good sign, but I always have visions and dreams of things to come. It’s almost constant, and there are always little things, like getting déjà vu. I haven’t told him yet that I haven’t been having visions, although he probably already knows. I hate telepaths sometimes. He tends to stay out of my head for the most part, but there are times when I just want a little privacy and he won’t give it to me. He drives me crazy, in more ways than one.

I make a loop and keep my senses alert for danger. Nothing. I stop and talk to a group of kids from the school, then make another loop. That’s when I saw him walk in with Goldilocks hanging on his arm like a puppy starving for attention. I make eye contact, and think the thoughts “all clear” to let him know nothing is out of place here. He gives a quick nod, barely noticeable to me so not at all to the humans, then allows Goldilocks to drag him out to the auditorium where more booths are set up. I wander back into the sanctioned off locker rooms for some peace and quiet.

It killed me to see him with her. She didn’t deserve him. He wasn’t a prize, and she would never have been able to win him anyway. I had seen his future break-up with her, and it would be comical, but not for a while now. So until then, I would have to just deal with the hurt and the constant reminders that I could never have the one true love of my life.

“That’s not true, you know.”
His voice from out of nowhere startled me. I hadn’t even heard him come in! How could I possibly have let myself get that absorbed in my own shallow thoughts that I let my guard down that much?
“Really? Because I thought we had already agreed not to be with each other,” I replied.
“I hate denying this. I hate denying us, and I need you as much as you need me.”
“I don’t need you.”
“Dhalia, I hear your thoughts, and I know what it’s doing to you to see me with Alisyn.”
I stood up and walked to him. I stopped only inches from his face.
“We can’t be together, Samuel. No matter how much we both want it, we have to fight it.”
“I can’t fight it anymore.”
And with that, Samuel grabbed my face with both hands and pulled me into his kiss. Oh, how I had missed his kiss! The feel of his strong, urging lips against my own, and the sweet, dizzying feeling I get whenever he touches me! How could I have resisted? I kissed him back with the same urgency and desire. But then I felt her coming our way. I could practically hear her giggling and bragging to her little friends about how happy she was. I opened my eyes very wide, and looked directly into Samuel’s own gaze. I darted my eyes to my right, toward the entrance to the locker room, and thought “she’s coming” to him. I pushed hard against him and broke the embrace. I stumbled and fell to the floor next to the bench, landing hard, just as the door opened and Goldilocks walked in surrounded by half a dozen other blonde girls. She stopped short in the door way, causing a bit of a traffic jam for those behind her. Samuel went up to her and gave her a peck on the cheek. I gathered myself together and headed out the side doors.

I managed to find my way back into the gym, but it seemed too quiet. The fog machine had really picked up and it covered the floor of the gym completely. I wandered over to the giant twisty-spinning mess, and that’s when I noticed it. The slides and tubes were moving, wiggling, and there was no one in the contraption. Suddenly, the fog picked up even more, and it was almost impossible to see anything. Then the slides, which had been wiggling a moment before, lashed out and started knocking people down and crushing them. I mentally called for Samuel, and rushed toward the tubes. I just couldn’t fight them all at once, no matter how fast I was able to move. Suddenly, behind me, I heard carnival music. I froze. A tube swung toward me and flung me across the room. I landed in a heap in the corner, skirt trapping my legs under me. I looked up toward where the music was coming from. And there, standing a good 8 feet tall and growing by the second, was the most hideous clown I had ever seen. I was frozen with fear. I sent out my senses, searching for Samuel.  I didn’t like what I found. Apparently, Goldilocks threw a fit and played the drama queen card, and Samuel tried to convince her nothing happened. He was so distracted by her screeching thoughts, he didn’t hear me call for him. Nor did he see the tube as it came at them. It threw him across the room and killed Goldilocks in an instant. Well, at least she wouldn’t be a problem anymore. He had gathered himself up and ran over to her. Before he made it to her, the tube had thrown a chair at him. A wooden chair. And the leg of it went straight through his chest. He was dying as she lay in a crumpled heap.

I made the decision. It may be dangerous for us to be together, but to live without him was a pain that was completely unbearable. I had known true love and happiness. To know that I would never have that again hurt so deeply that I could feel the wood in Samuel’s chest as if it were in my own. The hurt was so horrific. I knew what I had to do. I managed to get to my feet, and I walked over to the clown which had finally stopped growing just inches shy of the gym ceiling, and as wide as any hallway. It’s hideous grin displayed a row of uneven pointed teeth. I walked straight up to the clown. I felt my fangs grow in, though, I was sure I wouldn’t need them. I pounced on the clown and he grabbed me in one giant hand. I did use the fangs, I bit down hard on the hand that held me. I would never in all my hundreds of years have guessed what came rushing out of the puncture holes I left. It wasn’t blood. It was air. The clown was filled with air. His hand released me, but I held on. I made several additional punctures in its hand and arm before he brushed me off with the other hand. As luck would have it, I crash landed into a booth. The frame broke and a long piece of wood impaled me from behind. As I lay there dying, I watched the giant clown shrink down to a human size. He shed the excess clothes and crawled out. He was a midget. I, Camen, one of the last living vampires in existence, who had lived hundreds of years and protected the human race from some of the most evil, unnatural beings one could have ever dreamed, had just been killed by a midget clown on an ego trip.

He waddled toward me. I could still see the points on his teeth, so maybe there was something unnatural about him still. When he finally reached me, I was nearly gone. He spat in my face.
“You are worthless. Protecting these humans this way, like they would ever really accept you?” he said. “See how they fear me? See how they run and cower? This is true power. Now watch, as I finish off the rest of the scum here.”
“W-What will y-you do next?” I choked out in between breaths of gurgling blood in my throat.
“Why, then it’s off to the next town, then the next one, and eventually everyone will fear me and my people. Once we have shown the world our power, then the humans will be at our commanding. Believe me, princess, there will be a new world order in just a few short months!”
The last thing I heard before everything went black was the cackle of a madman who was going to wipe out everything Samuel and I had fought so hard to protect for the last couple hundred years.

“Dhalia? Dhalia!”
I blinked.
I was alive. I glanced around. I was in the locker room with Samuel again. It was him that was yelling my name. I looked back at him.
“Tell me what you saw Dhalia,” he said, still holding my shoulders.
“Death,” was all I said, half in a daze.
“Who’s death? When, where?”
“Here. Now. Everyone dies, even you and me.”
I look down at my brown boots.
“Ok, how do we stop it?”
So I explain in detail everything in my vision. I had never had one so powerful, so intimidating before. I told him everything, including how we both die. Then my eyes shot up to meet his once more.
“I will not lose you. Not again.”
And then Goldilocks walked in the room. Instead of running out and feeling ashamed, this time I simply walked toward her, Samuel in tow, and pushed through her little group of blondes. He didn’t say a word to her as we walked past. I knew he was mine again after all, and smiled inward.
I took him to the gym, where everything was about to happen. He pulled the fire alarm and the room cleared quickly. I told him what was going to happen. He killed the fog machine. The tubes never started wiggling. But I did hear the carnival music. I pointed, and the instant the clown started growing in size, Samuel attacked. He landed a solid kick to the clown’s chest, and knocked all the air out of it. The clown fell toward the ground, and in mid-fall, Samuel jumped up and grabbed him, throwing him into the far wall, nearest me. I jumped and landed with my boot square in his head. I felt his skull collapse and shatter inside his head. I stomped a few more times for good measure, until a pool of his blood surrounded us both. Samuel pulled me off of him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me. We were a sight, two powerful vampires, locked in embrace, covered in dirt and blood. To anyone else, it would have been a disturbing sight. I couldn’t have been happier, I had my lover back.

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