Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blurbology 225 and a Giveaway!

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet the outstanding indie author, Tim Kearsley, author of the novel The Healing Shard, available at Amazon.com. However, you may find yourself asking yourself, "Self, what is this book about? Will I enjoy it?" Well, first off, if you're addressing yourself as "Self" we should hang out sometime so all of our multiple personalities can have a play date. Secondly, you should continue reading the blurb below...

"Leo is a 12 year-old schoolboy who loves science and astronomy and hates History, November and Tuesdays. But one frosty, November night his quiet, comfortable life is turned upside-down by a tiny piece of stone that falls from the sky and lands at his feet. The stone fragment draws Leo into another world; a world of magicians, spells and dark, brooding evil. Slowly, as he descends into nightmare, he begins to wonder if he will ever see his own world again...."

Hmmmmm...magicians? Spells? Brooding evil? I think I can get into that. Several of my personalities agree. One of them is distracted by string, and another one is busy eating chocolate...but the majority vote says interesting. What do you and your personalities think? :)

Oh, before we go, there's one more thing...SURPRISE!! We now have a form to enter the giveaway to win a copy of The Healing Shard. Enter the drawing, and good luck!!

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