Friday, November 9, 2012

Tampons, Freebie Friday, and Word Wars, OH MY!

First, I have to say I'm somewhat concerned that one of the trending topics on Twitter right now is #ReplaceBandNamesWithTampon. What the hell? 

Well, wait...Green Day = Green Tampon. Maroon 5 = Tampon 5. Pearl Jam = Tampon Jam. Red Hot Chili Peppers = Red Hot Chili Tampons. Air Supply = Tampon Supply. Panic at the Disco = Tampon at the Disco. Rage Against the Machine = Rage Against the Tampon. Holy mother of monkeys, I think they're on to something, this stuff is freakin' funny!!

Okay, insanity out of the way, I need to tackle something very serious. Very important. Something bigger than the recent election, and that all people everywhere should be concerned about.

My book is free today only. 

FREEBIE FRIDAY!!! Woo-Hoo!! Okay, so maybe it's not bigger than the election. But it's still incredibly important. There's only a few short hours left to get your Kindle copy, so head on over to Amazon and get your copy right away. In fact, I made it easy. Click HERE. Then click the orange button that says "Buy Now With 1-Click." Done. 

One last thing for ya tonight, then I'll return you to your regularly scheduled program. I have a buddy, Michala, who is participating in the NaNoWriMo Challenge too. We've been bantering back and forth because she's been kicking my rump in word count. Well, Michala, I am officially declaring a WORD WAR with you!! Gloves are coming off, the battle is on, and forget the Race to 270, this is the Race to 50K!!! Follow her progress on her blog Bite My Book and watch the battle. And you better bring it, girl!! As of right now, I'm at 16353 words. Whatcha got?? 

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