Friday, November 2, 2012

NaNo Update...and Sales!!

After a long day of writing, today proved to be incredibly productive. I started the day off with 196 words, just barely more than a paragraph. Then, in true Ashley fashion, I listened to the little voices in my head (which sparked an interesting conversation with another author/blogger friend of mine in Google Chat today!) and let the the story tell itself. Suddenly, I've blown the daily goal out the window. Woo hoo! I had gotten a pretty crappy start, though, and had some ground to make up, so I finished the chapter today and landed at 3501 words. Ahead of schedule. I basically wrote 3300 words today. I'm on top of the world right now.

It's truly an understatement when I say that the most valuable lesson I've learned is that the stronger my network of contacts and friends within the writing and blogging world, the more success I'll have. I sorely underestimated this, but when I opened myself up to meeting new people and jumping into the fire with everything I'm doing, I found that the one thing that keeps me going is the support I get from the other authors I meet. I've met incredible people so far, and this challenge looks like I'm going to be introduced to more still.

The point of the rant above is to say...Daughters of Night: Sanctuary, is starting to take flight in sales. Oh, I'm ever so excited!! This was exactly what I needed after the crappy weekend and week I've had. Today marks a new chapter in my life as a writer. You know, the one where you nearly fall off the couch when you look at your sales and no longer see a big fat goose egg, but you see a royalty check coming for that month.I nearly cried. I've been so focused on promoting other authors and trying to get some writing done that I didn't realize that what I was doing was getting my own book sold. Never before have I truly been this proud of myself, because not only can I consider myself an author, I can consider myself an author that people other than my closest friends are wanting to read.

The next step? Reviews. I desperately need some reviews, because people just don't buy a book that has one review. I always read at least a couple of reviews before I buy a book, and I know I simply can't be the only one that does! Here's to hoping the reviews start flooding in, and that there are more positive than negatives! Wish me luck!!

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