Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Psycho Penguin Too Drunk To Be Coherent

Hullo, evrybody! Tis' the season to buy a penguin a shot. Who's game? Who's gonna buy me a shot?

**Clanging, banging noises, some weird penguin shrieks, and a slamming door.**

Sorry folks, the Drunken Space Penguin is in rare form today, and I had to lock him away before he ruined today's post about indie author John Peters! Hopefully you've all taken the time to check out some of his works, but in case you're not sure where to start, I have some links for you!

Follow John on Twitter:
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Keep up with his blog
Check out his author page on Amazon

Lots of great stuff here, so make sure you check out all his links!!

**Crashing sounds, a loud thump.**

Heeeeyyyyyyy, guess who's back!! Yup, an don't worry bout them sounds, Ashley just fell. Tell em. TELL 'EM YOU FELL!!


Aaight, now y'all go on and buy me drinks. I expect e'ry one of ya to bring back drinks. Be here in a hour! Better hurry!

*More crashing and thumping, a loud squawk, and glass shattering.**

Stupid penguin. Okay, I'm going to sedate the penguin and let him sleep off the liquor. Have a great night!!

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