Monday, November 12, 2012

Orangeberry Express!!

I hopped aboard the Orangeberry Express train to a blog tour! This year's Orangeberry Trick or Treat Blog Tour kicked off a month ago, and it's still going! They had a huge turnout of authors participating, and I'm coming up next. Go to the website here for details on my appearances as well as the remaining authors' appearances, too. Below is the list of what you can expect:

11/13 - Peace from Pieces Book Feature
11/14 - Mommy Adventures Top 10
11/15 - Bunny's Review Interview
11/16 - The Book Connoisseur Interview
11/17 - Gimme the Scoop Book Feature

And we end it all with a Twitter blast by Pandora Poikilos!

I'm so incredibly psyched. I'll be available on Twitter and on Facebook pretty much the whole day, so feel free to reach out to me there, too!

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