Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What's the Big Deal About Reflection?

I had the pleasure of introducing you all to Nadia Kim earlier this week, and her debut novel, Reflection, now available at and wherever books are sold, is a pretty sweet treat to anyone who appreciates a good story. 

From the introduction, we get a peek inside the life of Jessica, an editor at a high-fashion teen-focused magazine. Her boss is a commanding dictator with unrealistic expectations and poor Jessica is the punching bag. 

Despite the nightmare she deals with, though, she still feels this is her calling-her dream job. She sucks it up, deals with feeling completely out of place and awkward, and jumps at the Senior Editor's every barking order, bowing with humility to every cutting insult.

Then she meets the "Adonis" in the photography studio.

Nadia piques our curiosity at what will develop with sexy photo guy Mark, and we're already rooting for Jessica. And it's still the very beginning of the story.

Find out the rest by purchasing a copy of Reflection on, or comment below to be entered to win a free ecopy! 

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