Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quoth the Penguin...

I totally failed yesterday as a blogger. I scored a stupid headache that literally turned me into a zombie all day long. I just sat here and stared at my computer like it had two heads, a tail, and was laying eggs while asking to borrow a tampon. Yes. It was that weird for me too. Especially since I'm a penguin. 

So today you will get TWO posts about the incredible Tim Kearsley, author of The Healing Shard. Maybe more, depending on how long I can go before the headache gets bad like yesterday...he deserves it. He's good. :)

That being said, I was curious to hear what others were saying about The Healing Shard, so I checked out Amazon and Goodreads. I was pretty impressed with what was said. I quoted the reviews below, the first from Amazon and the second from Goodreads. Check out what they had to say:

"The Healing Shard was an excellent read with sharp dialogue and wonderful prose. The opening prologue grabs pulls you in filling you with dread and mystery of what is to come. [The Healing Shard] ended up as delightful escapist fun that can truly be enjoyed by all ages!"

"The writing style and editing were excellent compared with some of the books I have read...I was totally drawn in to Leo´s story and would love to see this brought to life on the big screen...He ended the book well (won't say too much) but with enough threads left to continue the story to the next episode. Well done, I will certainly be downloading further books."

This is good stuff! To snag your copy of The Healing Shard for FREE, simply enter the drawing. You can get your name entered multiple times, but hurry! Contest ends tomorrow at 11:59p EST!!

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