Monday, November 5, 2012

Official Book Trailer for Sanctuary

I'm feeling a little proud of myself at the moment. I've never been great at working with software, I've never created a video, and in fact, I consider myself lucky if I go a full day without breaking some form of technology. Today, however, I made new strides by putting together and uploading a video to YouTube. It's my debut book trailer for Daughters of Night: Sanctuary. I worked long and hard on it using a program that I had never heard of until I started working on the trailer, and it took me 3 days to figure it all out. After I learned how to work the damn program, though, it was relatively easy to use. Sending the video in email format proved to be a bit more complicated, but I got through it! And with the help of a fellow blogger/indie author giving a few tips on minor adjustments, I present to you the Official Book Trailer for Daughters of Night: Sanctuary!!

So, it's pretty awesome, right? Lol, thanks for watching, and stay tuned for updates on Ms Nadia Kim!!

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